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Hello and welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to my blog which will be updated on a regular basis. I want this to be a two way communication process so I welcome any thoughts and feedback that you may have regarding my entries.

This will be a great opportunity for me to be sharing news and details of what I have been doing across the Trust with you all and I do hope you enjoy reading them.

CEO blog 27th April - Duty of Candour

Posted by Michele Moran
At the start of the month we saw significant changes to how health and social care providers will be regulated. New legislation means that providers like ourselves will have to follow new regulations called the ‘fundamental standards’, which means everyone has the right to expect a certain set of values. Included in these standards is Duty of Candour. ‘Candour’, meaning &... [More]

CEO blog 30th March - Devo Manc

Posted by Michele Moran
The prospect of Greater Manchester being able to influence or control public sector spending for the good of the local population is an exciting one.  As discussions around what the Devolution Agreement could mean in terms of our health, wealth and quality of life, it’s another opportunity for the North to break new ground – and totally in keeping with the region’s pioneerin... [More]

CEO blog 23 February - Acting On Listening

Posted by Michele Moran
Nine months ago, we started a journey. Drawing on the experience of almost 50 other NHS organisations across the UK, we signed up to Listening into Action – a powerful new approach to staff engagement and empowerment. Its  long-term aim is to put frontline staff in the driving seat of change and develop a ‘can-do’, open and transparent culture. Since we started, we have inv... [More]

"CEO blog 26th January - Blue Monday. NHS Blue?"

Posted by Michele Moran
Blue Monday. NHS Blue? Blue Monday – the Monday of the last full week in January has been officially identified as ‘Blue Monday’ since 2005. That’d make it today (although I know some had it down as being last week!) The theory has been widely discredited as a publicity stunt by leading academics, but it is true that the post-Christmas let-down, arrival of credit card bill... [More]

CEO blog 12th January - A resolution for 2015

Posted by Michele Moran
First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone! I hope that it’s a healthy, happy and peaceful one for everyone and that 2015, despite its inevitable challenges, will be a year that we can look back on with some personal and professional satisfaction. As we start the year, there are the usual column inches in the press around New Year’s Resolutions. Are they a positive impetus or ju... [More]

CEO blog 15th December - Getting into the Christmas spirit

Posted by Michele Moran
With all the tinsel and fairy lights around in the run-up to Christmas, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. Until something happens which pulls us up short and reminds us of the reality of many people’s lives. The devastating fire at the Minehead Resource Centre last week brought home to me the vital importance of community facilities and social interaction at what c... [More]

CEO blog 1st December - Thought for the day....

Posted by Michele Moran
  As I switched on the radio in the car one morning last week I heard a news item about the lack of mental health beds. The report focused on the often tragic consequences of those who need it being unable to access one when in crisis. It always makes me sad to hear about news like that and it reminds me of the challenges we all face in the NHS, given the rising need for services and the equ... [More]

CEO blog 17th November - Interesting times

Posted by Michele Moran
I was thinking about that phrase ‘May you live in interesting times’ last week. Although it turns out that this isn’t a Chinese curse at all, it has become one of those phrases that we’ve adopted here in Britain (perhaps because we’ve no equal phrase for such a bittersweet sentiment ourselves!). Anyway, it struck me that the NHS is certainly living through ‘int... [More]

CEO blog 3rd November - Leading from the front

Posted by Michele Moran
What a busy and exciting week! In the past seven days we’ve hosted two thought-leaders at the forefront of shaping care in the UK - Sir Robert Francis QC and the Minister for Care and Support Services, Norman Lamb MP. Both lived up to their respective reputations – and both made me proud to be part of the NHS. In his meeting with leading clinicians from black and minority ethnic commu... [More]

CEO blog 20th October - Where people matter most

Posted by Michele Moran
What a busy couple of weeks it’s been since my last blog post! Since our AGM at Manchester Town Hall at the end of last month [highlights video available here] we have heard from all three main political parties their plans and visions for the future of the NHS were they to be elected. There’s also been widespread support for this year’s World Mental Health Day which generated lo... [More]