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Hello and welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to my blog which will be updated on a regular basis. I want this to be a two way communication process so I welcome any thoughts and feedback that you may have regarding my entries.

This will be a great opportunity for me to be sharing news and details of what I have been doing across the Trust with you all and I do hope you enjoy reading them.

CEO blog 20th October - Where people matter most

Posted by Michele Moran
What a busy couple of weeks it’s been since my last blog post! Since our AGM at Manchester Town Hall at the end of last month [highlights video available here] we have heard from all three main political parties their plans and visions for the future of the NHS were they to be elected. There’s also been widespread support for this year’s World Mental Health Day which generated lo... [More]

CEO blog 6th October - Missed It? Missed Out!

Posted by Michele Moran
We held our AGM last week and took the opportunity to showcase our services and raise awareness of mental health issues.  In a stunning display at Manchester Town Hall, staff met with members of the public, healthcare professionals, commissioning colleagues and others to demonstrate the breadth of services available and celebrate the progress made in both diagnosis and treatment over the last... [More]

CEO blog 22nd September - Recognising excellence - everywhere!

Posted by Michele Moran
It’s been a great week at the Trust, with the news that we’ve been shortlisted for no fewer than three HSJ Awards this year: one for innovation, one for clinical research and one for innovation in mental health. And our Estates Team have been shortlisted for their work in developing our stunning sensory garden too. A great effort all round! Recognition and reward is not just ‘a... [More]

CEO blog 8th September - Worth Signing Up For

Posted by Michele Moran
It’s great to see so many NHS organisations responding to the Government’s call and signing up to safety. While you might think that it’s a bit ‘coals to Newcastle’ getting healthcare professionals to commit to putting safety first, it’s always useful to reaffirm our basic principles and effectively ‘renew our vows’ in public. For this Trust, we hav... [More]

CEO blog 21st August - Lest we forget . . .

Posted by Michele Moran
This month’s commemorative programmes and events for the centenary anniversary of the start of World War I have been absolutely amazing, haven’t they?  Whether on an intimate personal scale or at a national level, each in its own way has added to our understanding, enriched our emotional intelligence and strengthened our resolve to ensure that such a travesty never happens again. ... [More]

CEO blog 4th August 2014 - Lessons Learned

Posted by Michele Moran
I will soon be joining the hordes of travellers from around the world who gather north of the border each August for the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. This now has a regular slot in my summer calendar. It's not exactly a chance to recharge the batteries as 16 shows in four days makes for a very full-on whistle-stop tour!  But I do always feel refreshed and revitalised afterwards, as many of... [More]

CEO Blog 21st July 2014: Look to the sky

Posted by Michele Moran
Earlier this month we welcomed Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing to our Park House inpatient unit. Dr Carter toured some of our adult acute as well as our Later Life wards. He also took time out to plant a tree in the incredible sensory garden we have just opened between Maple and Cedar Wards. It was fantastic for staff to exchange views with such an experienced and... [More]

CEO blog 7th July 2014 - Lost Horizons?

Posted by Michele Moran
Horizon scanning is something we have to do a lot in the NHS and never more so when formulating our strategic plans for the next five years. However, it’s becoming more and more difficult to assess with any certainty what the wider landscape and regional health economies will look like over that timescale – nor to accurately predict the growth in demand for certain services to meet loc... [More]

CEO blog 23rd June 2014 - Summer sun helps everyone shine!

Posted by Michele Moran
There is something about the summer sunshine that has a magical effect on us all. It’s far easier to smile and pass the time of day with someone when we’re not hiding under an umbrella; it’s great to chat to neighbours as the daylight hours are stretched, and the time that we have free can feel like a real holiday, giving us an opportunity to recharge our batteries. It also see... [More]

CEO blog 9th June 2014 - Striking a balance

Posted by Michele Moran
Last month, Health and Care Minister Norman Lamb spoke about the need for the introduction of waiting time standards for mental health care. [More]