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Hello and welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to my blog which will be updated on a regular basis. I want this to be a two way communication process so I welcome any thoughts and feedback that you may have regarding my entries.

This will be a great opportunity for me to be sharing news and details of what I have been doing across the Trust with you all and I do hope you enjoy reading them.

CEO blog 31st May - Awareness and wellbeing

Posted by Michele Moran
During May we saw both Mental Health Awareness Week and Dementia Awareness Week take place with some powerful and emotive stories being shared. I think it’s always important to acknowledge and celebrate these awareness weeks and this year was no different. So it was pleasing to see mental health and dementia take such a prominent focus in the news and media during the week. BBC’s Hor... [More]

CEO blog 25th April - Healthy bodies for healthy minds

Posted by Michele Moran
It was really pleasing to see how well the Trust’s Staff Appreciation week was attended in April. The week was organised to show appreciation for the fantastic work our staff do day-in, day-out. Coffee and cake mornings were held across the Trust, along with a pamper day and healthy eating and nutrition sessions where topics such as food, mood, cook and taste around wellbeing were all ex... [More]

CEO blog 29th March - Springing Forward

Posted by Michele Moran
Easter came early this year and after the extended weekend we are now looking forward to the beginning of a new season. As a closet chocoholic, I love Easter and the excuse it provides for a bit of indulgence. However, as with all things in life, moderation is key. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of indulgence now and again provided it’s with a realistic understanding of what t... [More]

CEO blog 29th February - A breakthrough month for mental health?

Posted by Michele Moran
Earlier this month the Trust participated in the Our Health Heroes campaign, which saw hundreds of support workers up and down country get recognised and thanked for their hard work and valuable contributions, to the NHS and patient care. The campaign aimed to thank those 2.1million unsung health heroes who often provide valuable care in our health sector. It was great to see other staff members ... [More]

CEO blog 25th January - Looking ahead to 2016

Posted by Michele Moran
I’d like to start my first blog of 2016 by wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year. The start of every year is a time for resolutions, reflections and looking ahead. One resolution which is often on the list of priorities for many people is health and fitness and our staff are no different. That’s why we will focus 2016 on the health and wellbeing of staff.   I&rs... [More]

CEO blog 21st December - Season's Greetings

Posted by Michele Moran
2015 has been a challenging year for many of us but I feel it has also been one of the most rewarding in my time as Chief Executive at the Trust. Below are just some of the examples of staff members going above the call of duty, or getting involved in initiatives, doing their bit to improve things and engaging with fellow colleagues and service users: - We continue to use staff-led Schwartz Cente... [More]

CEO blog 30th November - Tough decisions in a tough climate

Posted by Michele Moran
I’m glad people are reading my blog and I hope you find this a useful way to get updates and news about the Trust. Recently the Board had to make a hard decision due to the tough financial climate the Trust, like many others up and down the country, find ourselves in. The total savings target for the Trust this year, is £6.9million. Wherever possible, these savings have been planned ... [More]

CEO blog 26th October - A time for reflection

Posted by Michele Moran
The next couple of weeks will see the night’s drawing in and temperatures dropping. With this, NHS organisations across the country have been putting in place plans to protect the more vulnerable members of our communities. Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust is no exception. Our own winter resilience plans have been developed and are in place. Alongside this winter planning, it&... [More]

CEO blog 5th October - The continual journey of quality improvement

Posted by Michele Moran
  As many of you may have already seen today, the Trust’s CQC inspection report was published and although the overall rating was ‘requires improvement’, service users can be reassured – and staff can be proud – that there were more individual ‘good’ ratings than ‘requires improvement’ in the CQC’s scoring breakdown. The Board and... [More]

CEO blog 1st September 2015: Let's make Manchester better

Posted by Michele Moran
Manchester is unrecognisable when compared with the city it was in the 1980s and 90s. Huge positive physical changes have been made to transform the city which has been in-line with the city’s economy, population and quality of the environment. However we know there are pockets of some of most severe deprivation in the country in Manchester with physical and mental health issues that relat... [More]