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Hello and welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to my new blog which will be updated on a regular basis. I want this to be a two way communication process so I welcome any thoughts and feedback that you may have regarding my entries.

This will be a great opportunity for me to be sharing news and details of what I have been doing across the Trust with you all and I do hope you enjoy reading them.

CEO blog - 14th April 2014: Wraparound care

Posted by Michele Moran
The concept of wraparound care which places the individual at the heart of services and ‘wraps’ a bespoke package of care around him/her is not new. Many of us only came into the health service in the first place because we believed in the right of the individual to receive the right care in the right place at the right time. What’s different today is that the ‘right place&... [More]

CEO blog - 31st March 2014: Keeping the faith

Posted by Michele Moran
Last Friday we held a workshop for Trust staff to help us define the way we want to do things around here.  As ever, I was really motivated by the passion and enthusiasm of our staff – not just those who were present on the day, but the many more who have taken the time and trouble to put forward their own observations and suggestions over the last few weeks. I love the fact that staff ... [More]

CEO Blog - 17th March 2014: United we stand...?

Posted by Michele Moran
It’s my first day back in the Trust today after a week’s annual leave. I spent the week up in Scotland where there’s much talk of independence and possible secession from the rest of the UK.   It seems to me that opinion is still very divided, with passions running high on both sides. There’s a great deal of emotion around historic behaviours and entrenched positions,... [More]

CEO Blog - 5th March 2014: Listen, Believe, Act.

Posted by Michele Moran
I was genuinely humbled by the courage of one of our digital patient stories at Board this month. ‘Listen, Believe, Act’ told the story of someone who had felt unheard, disbelieved and untreated as she travelled through mental health services from her early teenage years to young adulthood. It was a really moving illustration of just how critical it can be to really listen, to believe ... [More]

CEO Blog - 17th February 2014: Listening means learning

Posted by Michele Moran
Both the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Manchester City Council have recently concluded their city-wide engagement processes around the future of mental healthcare and that of health and wellbeing service provision for Manchester. As a Trust, we gathered feedback from our own clinical experts to shape our feedback to the two consultations and that input enabled us to structure well-informed an... [More]

CEO blog - 5th February 2014: Compassionate care at our core

Posted by Michele Moran
Almost a year ago to the day, Robert Francis QC published his report into the failings in care at Mid-Staffordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


CEO blog - 20th January 2014: Stepping into the light

Posted by Michele Moran
“It is time to bring mental health out of the shadows.” When I heard that on BBC Radio Four this morning my ears pricked up. Whatever your politics, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s words will, I hope, mark a sea change in attitudes to mental illness. Speaking on a series of radio and television interviews to mark the launch of the Government’s mental health strategy l... [More]

CEO blog - 7th January 2014: One day at a time

Posted by Michele Moran
For anyone who has ever made a New Year’s Resolution, January marks new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates.  A day to figuratively brush off the old and make a silent pledge to do better, achieve more, be kinder, gentler, fitter, happier, more fulfilled, in fact, to be a better-version-of-the-person-you-were-only-a-few-hours ago, this year.  Traditionally, the first few weeks... [More]

CEO blog - 20th December 2013: Merry Christmas and thanks for all your hard work

Posted by Michele Moran
So as the calendar year draws to a close, I just wanted to wish everyone well over the festive season and offer my personal thanks for your hard work and commitment throughout 2013. It’s been a busy, sometimes tough, year for many of you but I thought it was worth just remembering a few of our key achievements over the last 12 months: ·        ... [More]

CEO blog - 9th December 2013: This little light...

Posted by Michele Moran
For me, as for so many people, it felt as though a light had gone out in the world when I heard of Nelson Mandela’s death on Thursday evening. Although lots of people talk about key events and being aware of where they were when they heard the news of someone’s demise, or the landings on the moon, or similar, I bet there are few announcements which have had more resonance than this one... [More]